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Mama, You Are Enough- When Christmas is Hard

December 23, 2021

Mother sites on sofa with two children while looking at tablet

Being mama is enough

You log in to Facebook 

and what do you see?

Gingerbread houses, homemade,

By a mom of 3. 


Here comes the gram, 

And it’s no real surprise, 

After scrolling for just minutes

You’ve got tears in your eyes


Holiday parties 

with velvet red dresses, 

Meanwhile you’re cleaning up

your childrens’ messes.


Professionally captured 

moments of joy, 

Curated images of 

Santa’s good boy


It’s not you, you can’t do it

There just so much else going on,

But seeing what everyone is doing

Makes you feel like you’re doing something wrong


You’ve been planning and 

Buying and wrapping all month

But somehow your efforts

Feel like they’re just not enough.


Your mental health dwindles 

with each day that goes by 

But you keep it together

So they don’t see you cry.


You fret over the budget

Night after night

While it seems like the 

Rest of the world- it’s living life.


You want to do crafts, 

You want to bake and to sing, 

But lately you don’t have 

energy left for anything.


Matching mantles and Christmas trees

And houses with lights, 

It seems like you’re the only one

Who is not merry and bright.


But you paint on a smile

You do it all for the kids

You love seeing their joy,

But it feels like a fib.

You can’t do all the things

It’s not that you don’t try

But money and mental health 

And support has run dry


You wake up every day and 

You give all that you have

But when the night comes

You wonder if your momming is bad


But it’s not, and you’re wrong

The kids are just fine

They’ve got you and your love

They don’t need all that shine


You’re comparing your journey 

To everyone’s highlight reel

Without taking notice of the 

Things they also might feel.


The crafty mom might barely

Be keeping her head, 

While the rich one is lost

in toxic family holiday dread.

The curated pictures make

That family look perfect

But there’s never a way to see

Just what’s under the surface.


You might have it hard, 

You might just be getting by

But the kids know that they 

Are the apple of your eye.


And that is what matters 

How you made them feel

Not the presents you bought

Or a perfectly-executed meal.

For in 20 years they won’t

Remember the bows and strings

They’ll remember how you 

were there over everything.


So no matter if you

Do a little or a lot,

They’ll know that you’ve 

given them all that you’ve got.


So ease up, take a breath

You are doing just fine

Give yourself some grace during

This insane holiday time.


They’ve got food, and a bed

And toys under the tree

They’ve got you,

and you’re enough as can be.

If the holidays are hard, you are not alone

Mama, please know that you are not the only one struggling right now. Society wants us to believe that it is the most wonderful time of the year but for many it isn’t. Life and its’ stresses don’t disappear because it is December. 

Give yourself some grace, you are doing the best you can. 

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Thanks for reading this far and I hope you have Happy Holidays despite struggles you may be facing!

- Libby

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