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Digital Creator + Speaker + Mental Health Advocate

Libby Ward is a digital creator, speaker, and mental health advocate with a deep commitment to changing the motherhood narrative and breaking cycles of trauma. Every week, Libby’s content reaches millions of women around the world and she has grown a dedicated community of over 1.5M on social media in just two years. She has been recognized as a mental health advocate by TikTok, and has been featured on The Tamron Hall Show, Global News, Motherly, Insider and media outlets around the world. 

As a thought leader in today’s difficult and complex experiences of mental health, Libby is focused on reaching more women with her perspective changing stories through speaking engagements and brand partnerships that make a real impact. Find her at @diaryofanhonestmom on Instagram, Tiktok and on her website diaryofanhonestmom.com and fall in love with her authentic content sure to inspire and entertain you each day.

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