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Changing the Narrative

With honesty, humor and hard conversations

While Libby connects each day with millions of women in the online spaces she has cultivated every week, she has an ability to capture the hearts and minds of women from the stage as well. It’s not about simply feeling better, it’s about doing better.

Libby’s ability to truly see women where they are at, to put their struggles and experiences into words and then to call them to action in a realistic and authentic way is truly something unique. Her stories resonate and leave people inspired- but more than that, her words spark change that actually makes a difference.

The What, The Why, The How

A message from Libby: With humor and heartfelt candor, I love to connect with others and empower them to make changes to their mindsets and lives. Some of the many topics I cover include:

I want women to know they aren’t alone, that they have the power to change their lives and I offer the tools to do just that. I don’t have a 5 step process or a rule book. I share my own life experiences with honesty, vulnerability and strength in a way that invites women on a journey of wholeness.

Lets Chat

Tell me about your goals, audience and the impact you want to make at your event. My job is to take this information and make it valuable to both your organization and your audience in an authentic way. I love getting to know the people and organizations I work with so I can make sure that my voice and values are the right fit for you.

Get in touch with me, I would love to know more about the purpose, connection and value you want to offer at your event.


Why are you hosting this event?


Who is your audience and what do they need?


What do you want them to walk away with?

The Honest Mom Journal

Have you seen my guided journal? It’s a simple tool that I created for struggling moms to build self-awareness so that they can practice self-compassion and fight the overwhelm that often shows up in motherhood. Learn more here.

Public Speaking Inquiry

Please let me know a little about the event or engagement and the details so I can make an informed reply to your request. Thanks!