Changing The Motherhood Narrative

With honesty & humor and hard conversations

Being a mom is hard and there is nothing wrong with you for struggling to enjoy it. I know that it’s easy to lose yourself in motherhood but it doesn’t have to be that way and I’m bent on convincing women of their worth and value. As a recovering people pleasing perfectionist and serial self-help book reader: I want you to know it doesn’t have to be this hard. I tell stories about my motherhood journey, my mental health and being a cycle breaker so that you can feel a little less alone, encouraged that you are doing a good job and empowered to take back your motherhood experience. You deserve to be whole.


Motherhood is hard and it’s even harder when we feel like we are alone. For a long time I struggled with things like overwhelm, guilt, comparison, overstimulation, mental health, lack of support, being the default parent, loss of identity and so much more. I became resentful, exhausted and it affected my whole experience of motherhood. Now I share about these things and more to help moms know they are not alone and inspire them to change that by getting honest about their circumstances, practicing self-compassion and prioritizing themselves. Read some of my blogs that dive into the hard conversations about motherhood that make a big difference…

Mental Health

I have struggled with my mental health for most of my life. For a lot of that time I didn’t have the support, the information, the confidence or even the language to talk about it. That is why I am such an advocate for those who are struggling to see the light because I know how dark it can get. I want you to know that you matter, that your well-being matters and that there is hope that things will get better. And while there are lifestyle changes, therapy, medication, social supports and more to get you on a path to recovery and living with mental health, I am here to let you know you are not alone and to remind you that you are worth taking care of. I am so happy you are here. Read on to hear more about my story and ways I hope to support you…

Cycle Breaking

I consider myself to be a cycle breaker. Cycle breakers are parents who have decided that it ends with them. Whether it’s the cycle of physical or emotional abuse, generational trauma, drug or alcohol abuse, martyrdom, family dysfunction, authoritative parenting or any other unhealthy cycle- we are parents who have said ‘enough’. Breaking my own family cycles has been some of the hardest and most important work of my life. I am so grateful to be a part of a generation who is determined to change the narrative on parenting to be more humble, self-aware and intentional but it can be exhausting and lonely. Read on to hear about some of the cycles I am breaking and the ways in which you can find support as a cycle breaker in this community…

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