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The Honest Mom Journal

Struggle less in motherhood: use this simple and effective guided journal to practice radical honesty about your circumstances, so you can adjust your expectations, set realistic expectations and:


  • self-awareness
  • self-compassion
  • self-confidence
  • positive feelings towards motherhood


  • overwhelm & stress
  • feelings of guilt or shame
  • negative self talk
  • resentment

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Libby Ward smiles while holding The Honest Mom Journal

What Moms Are Saying

A Journal For Struggling Moms to Struggle Less

Use awareness of your supports and limitations to take back control of your time, energy and how you think about yourself so you can feel good about the many ways you show up for yourself and your kids.

Learn more about why I made it here and if it is right for you here and here.


Spend time acknowledging each day and night that you are a good mom who is doing her best, that you can’t do it all and that you shouldn’t expect yourself to.


Take time to get honest with yourself about how heavy motherhood is and give yourself some credit.


Become more aware of the capacity you have each day so that you can set realistic expectations based on your circumstances.


Shift your priorities, set boundaries, and change what you do a little each day so that you can fight guilt and feel good about yourself at the end of each day.

Libby Ward writing in The Honest Mom Journal, photo over her shoulder showing the inside of the journal
Libby Ward writing in The Honest Mom Journal, photo over her shoulder showing the inside of the journal

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The Honest Mom Journal Exchange

There are a lot of struggling moms who can’t afford to buy a journal, even though they would love one and think it might help them. If you would like to buy a journal for a mom in need click the button below.