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Looking for my free journal download?

The Honest Mom Journal

The struggling moms guide to struggling less

Use this guided journal to help you practice radical honesty about your circumstances, values, supports and roadblocks so that you can manage expectations, become more self compassionate and realize how good of a mom you actually are.

Start journaling to help you…


Spend 10 minutes a day setting the tone at the start and then reflecting at the end.


Learn to become more self aware so that you can stop the guilt cycle that comes with struggling in motherhood.


Learn to set realistic expectations based on your capacity and circumstances so you can feel good about yourself at the end of the day.


Use the tools you have learned to make actionable changes in your mindset and life so motherhood becomes less of a struggle.

The purpose of this journal is to help you focus your time and energy on the things that you value, to give you confidence to leave the rest and to guide you into a mindset of self-compassion and empathy so that you can spend less time feeling mom guilt about the ways you are less than perfect [hint: we all are], more time enjoying the parts of motherhood you love [hint: nobody loves it all] and doing other things you love. You matter too.  

You are a good mom and this journal will help you to know it.

I have really been implementing this journal into my daily routine for weeks now. It’s helped me to put my feelings on paper, acknowledge that I’m actually doing better than I think, and feel less mom guilt. Thank you so much.
Journal User